Adjuvants & Formulations

Adjuvants & Formulations is a bi-monthly digital newsletter published by SURfaPLUS Internet Services. Adjuvants & Formulations focuses on all companies, institutions and individuals involved in the production, distribution sale, use and registration of adjuvants and formulations.
  Adjuvants & Formulations is produced by Hans de Ruiter (Editor in chief) and associate editor Gert C. van den Berg. A subscription is required to get access to the newsletter. The newsletter started in May 2004 as Adjuvant Newsletter and we changed the name in Adjuvants & Formulations in October 2014.


Introduction Adjuvants & Formulations (former Adjuvant Newsletter)

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Introduction Adjuvants & Formulations

The newsletter contains:

  • Information on the development, testing, use and registration of adjuvants and formulations for agrochemicals.
  • Hyperlinks to the recent literature
  • Previews and reports of symposia
  • Updates on patents for new formulations and patents for new adjuvants
  • A link to our Agenda of events
  • Company profiles
  • Guest’s views

The newsletter is useful for those who want to receive a regular update on various aspects of adjuvants and formulations for agrochemicals. Adjuvants & Formulations provide direct hyperlinks to relevant websites and persons that relate to the contents of news items.

Free issue

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Every two months, the subscriber will receive an Email message that a printable new issue in pdf-format can be downloaded from the customer's directory on this website.  E-mail, intranet and printed copies can be considered as vehicles for internal distribution. In addition to the subscriber, other users of the same company/institution can be added. See also the subscription general information  and the step-by-step  subscription tutorial.


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You can purchase online a 1-10 user license or a multi-user (>10) license. You have access after receipt of payment. For more information contact Hans de Ruiter. See also the terms and conditions under licenses.


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