Adjuvants & Formulations magazine

Adjuvants & Formulations is a bi-monthly digital magazine published by SURfaPLUS. The magazine focuses on companies, institutions and individuals involved in the production, testing, distribution, sale and application of agrochemical adjuvants and formulations. Adjuvants & Formulations is produced by Hans de Ruiter (Editor in chief) and Gert van den Berg (associate editor). A subscription is required to get access to the magazine.


Regular contents of the magazine

  • At least one article with an in-depth approach of an adjuvants or formulation related item
  • Patents in brief: summaries of and occasionally comments on recent patent literature
  • News in brief: selection of new findings by academics plus hyperlinks
  • Book reviews
  • Description of apps related to adjuvants and application technology
  • Listing of adjuvant related items in recently held symposia
  • References of new academic literature
  • An eye-opener as item of the month



Every two months, the subscriber will receive an Email message that a printable new issue in pdf-format can be downloaded from the customer's directory on this website. Email, intranet and printed copies can be considered as vehicles for internal distribution. In addition to the subscriber, other employees of the same company/institution can be added. For information on the licenses and what you can find in your profile, see also subscription general information and the step-by-step subscription tutorial.