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  • Soil applications of surfactants and polymers
  • 15 years Adjuvants & Formulations
  • News in brief
    • Influence of formulation and timing on rice tolerance to early-season applications of acetochlor
    • Placement and adjuvants influence benzobicyclon efficacy in flooded rice
    • Encapsulation of Mentha pulegium essential oil in yeast cell microcarriers
    • Cyflumetofen nanocapsules more effective than cyflumetofen suspension
    • Solubilisation of pesticides in surfactant micelles
    • Dodecenyl?modified alginate for encapsulation and oil-in-water emulsions
    • Sneezing plants spread particles from the leaf around
  • Patents in brief
    • Granular tebuthiuron for aerial application
    • New dispersants
    • Low-volatile bixlozone-based suspension concentrates
    • Dicamba compositions with reduced spray drift and volatility potential
    • Liposomal formulation of bacterial auxin
    • Mixture of glyphosate, amitrole, oxyfluorfen and terbuthylazine
    • Dicamba formulation with built-in drift control agent
    • Ether-ester-based solvents
    • Foliar fertiliser formulation
    • Seed treatment composition formulated as micro-emulsion
    • Solvents c.q. adjuvants
    • Acynonapyr formulation
    • Formulation aid with herbicidal activity
  • Apps: Savvy Farmer series of apps
  • Symposia abstracts: North Central Weed Science Society Annual Meeting and Western Society of Weed Science Annual Meeting
  • Literature with hyperlinks to the original sources
  • Item of the month: Drones with stuffed prey deters birds in vineyards
  • Agenda of meetings online
  • Advertising companies online


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