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  • How herbicides reinforce or counteract each other
    • Rate determines interaction
    • Too rapid response
    • Formulation of glyphosate with other herbicidal actives - Quick patent scan from 2013 to begin of 2018 (selection)
  • Few formulations for drone-applied agrochemicals
  • News in brief
    • Dicationic ionic liquids of 2,4-D give lower environmental risks
    • Multinutrient application in integrated granules using zein as a coating layer
    • Effect of spray droplet size on herbicide efficacy on four winter annual grasses
    • Ethylene glycol diacetate found suitable as carrier for EC formulations
    • Environmentally friendly platforms for encapsulation of an essential oil
    • Formulation aids and heavy metals blamed to increase glyphosate toxicity
    • Insight in droplet bounce height
  • Patents in brief
    • Shikimate pathway metabolites give glyphosate free play in resistant plants
    • New crystalline form of indoxacarb
    • Use of chelating agent in copper fungicide containing seed coating
    • Improved fluridone formulation for aquatic weed control
    • Dry ammonium-free adjuvant with drift control and water conditioning properties
    • Stable tebuconazole EC formulation
    • Electret particles as carrier for herbicides or fungicides
    • Acidify for chemical stability
    • Water-soluble active ingredient mixed with oil-soluble active ingredients
    • Solvent for mixture of fluoxastrobin and prothioconazole
    • Crystal polymorphs of uracil herbicide
  • Symposia abstracts: International Banana Conference, German Plant Protection Conference
  • Literature with hyperlinks to the original sources
  • Item of the month: Factors influencing agricultural spray deposit structures
  • Agenda of meetings online
  • Advertising companies online


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