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  • Many new glyphosate mixtures in the pipeline
    • Hidden innovations
    • China very active
    • Differences in water-solubility is extra challenge
    • Quick patent scan 2013 – begin of 2018 (selection)
  • News in brief
    • Bio-ionic liquids improve sulfonylurea herbicide performance
    • RNA interference technology in crop protection
    • Cyclodextrin metal-organic frameworks for encapsulation of hydrophobic molecules
    • Octenylsuccinated sweet potato starch granules as pickering emulsion stabilizers
    • Invert emulsion can enhance efficacy of biopesticides
    • Epoxy value controls release from epoxy phenolic novolac resin microcapules
    • Update on application technology
  • Media: A selection of agrochemistry related news in other media
  • Patents in brief
    • Glufosinate formulations
    • Fast-symptom glyphosate plus diquat dibromide formulation
    • Zinc foliar fertilisers compatible with glyphosate
    • Formulations for dinotefuran
    • Bentazone formulation
    • Spreader-sticker
    • Alkyl polyglucoside can partly replace better performing nonionic surfactant
    • Oil-rich thidiazuron OD formulations for cotton defoliation
    • New crystal polymorphs of penoxsulam and epocholeone
  • App: Top Unkraut app 2018
  • Book reviews and announcements
  • Symposia abstracts: 18th European Weed Research Society Symposium
  • Literature with hyperlinks to the original sources
  • Item of the month: Effect of soluble surfactant on regime transitions at drop formation
  • Agenda of meetings online
  • Advertising companies online


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