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  • Attract and kill with CO2 and pesticides
  • New online advertisement form
  • Reducing runoff by making spray droplets less bouncy
  • APP: Spray Quality Finder app
  • News in brief
    • Penetration and translocation of nanocarriers
    • Solubilization of active ingredients of different polarity in micellar solutions
    • Wrinkled microcapsules for enhancement of release rate
    • New biosurfactant
    • Porous microspheres for peptide drug loading; a new strategy
    • Cellulose membrane with UV-protectant properties
    • Biopesticide from a mesh bag
    • Low-dose application of surfactant film coating enhances turfgrass seed germination and growth
  • Patents in brief
    • Pillow-shaped seed carrier to enhance rangeland reseeding success
    • Dust-off reduction with oil/ethoxylated oil mixture for seed treatments
    • Fertiliser coating
    • Alkoxylated ester adjuvants
    • Herbicide safener increases rimsulfuron stability
    • Thymol and carvacrol formulations
    • ULV deltamethrin WP formulation for mosquito control
    • Hard water compatible fatty acid blends
    • High fructose corn syrup reduces herbicide volatility
    • Adjuvant comprising a vinyl ester-based polymer dispersion and a plasticizer
    • Concentrated natamycin suspension formulations
    • Solvents and surfactants for fertiliser-compatible EC formulations
    • Water soluble formulations suitable for spraying with hard water
    • Maleated natural oil derivative
    • Adjuvant with drift control and deposition aid properties
    • New sulfoxaflor formulations
    • Ammonium-free drift control and water conditioning agents
  • Book reviews and announcements
  • Symposia abstracts: German Plant Protection Conference
  • Media: A selection of agrochemistry related news in other media
  • Literature with hyperlinks to the original sources
  • Agenda of meetings online
  • Advertising companies online
  • Item of the month: Tuning of cloud point by the nature of surfactant headgroup: influence of counterion and additives


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