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  • Pesticide formulations according to the ionic liquid approach
    • Not necessarily environmentally friendly
    • Ionic liquids to overcome polymorphism
    • Ionic liquid based formulations of phenoxy acid herbicides
    • Viscosity modelled
    • Four dozens of patent applications
  • News in brief
    • Direct delivery of RNAi as crop treatment
    • Wetting of hydrophobic substrates by pure surfactants at continuously increasing humidity
    • Effects of carrier water quality continues to attract attention
    • Effect of hard water cations on the efficacy of 2,4-D choline and premixed 2,4-D choline plus glyphosate
    • Effective liquid bait formulation of insecticides
    • Insoluble copper formulations are more effective than soluble copper formulations for citrus canker control
  • Patents in brief
    • Water conditioner
    • Suspension comprising water soluble solvent, inorganic thickener and alkoxylate
    • Non-hygroscopic granular glyphosate and glufosinate
    • Oxadiazon capsule suspension with low phytotoxicity in rice
    • Photolysis-stable sulfentrazone
    • Water-insoluble active ingredients transformed into water-soluble compounds
  • Symposia abstracts: Weed Science Society of America Annual Meeting, ACS Spring 2017 National Meeting & Exhibition
  • Literature with hyperlinks to the original sources
  • Agenda of meetings online
  • Advertising companies online
  • Item of the month: Neonicotinoids in sugar beet cultivation in Central and Northern Europe: Efficacy and environmental impact of neonicotinoid seed treatments and alternative measures


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