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Adjuvants & Formulations
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May / June 2021

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New adjuvant class to reduce dicamba vapour drift

The rising sales of over-the-top dicamba products goes hand in hand with a sharp increase in dicamba injury lawsuits. The new US EPA labels require the addition of an approved pH-buffering agent to control volatility for these low-volatile dicamba formulations. This decision has forced the development of a new class of adjuvants. Adjuvants & Formulations reports on the latest developments.
Photograph: Aaron Hager, University of Illinois.

News in brief

Viscoelasticity and strain, not dynamic surface tension and viscosity, determine the effects on drop size and thus on drift. Chinese chemists conclude this from systematic investigations into effects of adjuvants on droplet size, dynamic surface tension and rheology of an emamectin benzoate dilute emulsion. Adjuvants & Formulations presents the major findings of this study.

More news in this issue:

  • Adjuvant effects on peanut tolerance to applications of PPO-inhibitor herbicides.
  • Nanocrystal-based formulations against peanut smut.
  • Common errors in dose–response analysis and how to avoid them.
  • Physical stability, oxidative stability and bioactivity of nanoemulsion delivery systems.
  • Encapsulation strategies for Bacillus thuringiensis.
  • Future canopy spray application technology in specialty crops.


Patents in brief

Metal ions can form stable complexes with prothioconazole, thus preventing degradation of this conazole fungicide. In case these complexes do not break easily, the availability and, consequently, the efficacy of the conazole fungicide is low. A de-complexing agent incorporated in the formulation, or added separately when preparing the spray solution, can break these complexes when they are no longer needed.

Adjuvants & Formulations also reports about activities of other companies as well as universities, such as:

  • Shear-stable cationic polymer as drift control agent
  • Stabilised suspension concentrates
  • Hydrogel as carrier for biocontrol agent of slugs and snails
  • Alginate sludge composition as delivery system
  • Solvents for spidoxamat suspension concentrates
  • Overview of recent patent publications with brief summary

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