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Adjuvants & Formulations
Bimonthly magazine for agchem specialists (former Adjuvant Newsletter)

March / April 2021

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Interest in super absorbents for (bio)pesticides is growing

Application of super absorbents with (bio)pesticides may deliver benefits like better performance and reduced leaching to the deeper soil layers. Apart of developing general scientific principles and the transition to biopolymer-based products there seems to be a great need for tailor-made solutions and guidelines. Adjuvants & Formulations provides an update that may stimulate to go further on the discussed items.

News in brief

Chitosan and high molecular weight polyacrylamide can be used to suppress the coffee-ring effect. Relatively low molecular weight polyacrylamide, however, does not reduce the extent of ring formation. Adjuvants & Formulations presents the major findings of two studies into possible solutions to reduce the coffee ring effect. Photograph: SURfaPLUS

More news in this issue:

  • Using titanium dioxide as a marker for spray deposition.
  • Highly concentrated dicamba ionic liquids.
  • Amine’s hydrogen bonding site number affects dicamba volatilisation from solid residue.
  • Droplet impact and wetting behaviour regulation of double-chain cationic surfactant.
  • Evaluating combinations of bioinsecticides and additives for managing Thrips tabaci.
  • Is there a future for the crop protection industry? Perspectives for a new generation.
  • Magnitude and decline of pesticide co-formulant residues in vegetables and fruits.


Apps: Formulation Compass – Agrochem

An adjuvant selector or an application tool – app stores have dozens of useful and interesting applications for mobile devices. Some useful apps are available online as web app. In this issue the Formulation Compass – Agrochem app.

Patents in brief

Soybean is naturally sensitive to dicamba. Researchers are investigating why some amine salts significantly reduce the volatilisation potential of this auxinic herbicide and which amine chemistry can further reduce the volatilisation potential.

Adjuvants & Formulations also reports about activities of other companies as well as universities, such as:

  • Shear-stable spray drift control composition
  • Specific combinations of glyphosate salts and specific surfactants
  • Solvent system for EC formulations to produce very small emulsified oil droplets
  • Use of tetraconazole as oil dispersion phase for second fungicide
  • Anti-foaming agent for clear compositions of water-insoluble or poorly water-soluble active ingredients
  • Suspension concentrate of slow-release polymer/pesticide particles
  • Film forming agent for seed coating compositions
  • Overview of recent patent publications with brief summary

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