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Adjuvants & Formulations
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November / December 2020

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Glufosinate ammonium: herbicide with room for improvements

Glufosinate is a widely used herbicide to manage glyphosate-resistant weeds. After more than 35 years of commercialisation, there is still room for optimisation of both the performance and (eco)toxicological profile by application of smart adjuvant technology. A just published study reviews the current state of knowledge of various aspects of this herbicide. Adjuvants & Formulations has filtered the extensive review on information with regard to the role of adjuvants and formulations.

News in brief

Chinese researchers have developed methods to investigate the relevance of the seed and root pathway of imidacloprid uptake and translocation by growing maize seedlings at an early stage. To study the contribution of both pathways to the uptake and translocation of imidacloprid seed treatment, they developed a seed treatment method and a growing media/hydroponic solution delivery method.

More news in this issue:

  • Investigated: biopesticides use by smallholder farmers in Kenya.
  • Development of an abamectin-loaded nanoemulsion.
  • Peppermint essential oil encapsulated in chitosan nanoparticles effective in stored-grain pest control.
  • Mesoporous silica nanoparticle-based formulation of plant essential oils effective against wheat take-all disease
  • Organic solvent-free oil-in-water microemulsion of thiamethoxam and acetamiprid for UAV spraying
  • Choosing emulsifiers based on dilational rheological properties helps in preparing stable emulsions.
  • Imidacloprid uptake and translocation pathways in maize seedlings revealed.


Patents in brief

Formulators at Bayer have dived into pesticide application using unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones. In thirteen recently published patent applications the company discloses high spreading, high uptake and rain-fast ultra-low volume formulations and also devices and vehicles that can be used with such formulations.

Adjuvants & Formulations also reports about activities of other companies as well as universities, such as:

  • Liquid symbiont formulations compatible with in-furrow applied fertilisers.
  • Foliar fertiliser comprising dendrimer nutrient carrier.
  • Microgranular carrier for biopesticide.
  • New crystal polymorphs of pyroxsulam, bixlozone and a heterocyclic amide herbicide.
  • Guar gum-based drift control agent formulated as suspension.

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