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Adjuvants & Formulations
Bimonthly magazine for agchem specialists (former Adjuvant Newsletter)

September / October 2020

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The smaller, the better?

What is the true potential of nanotechnology to improve agrochemicals? Nano-enabled pesticide formulations are becoming more and more ingenious. Despite the high expectations of these formulations, however, their added value under field conditions often still has to be proven. Adjuvants & Formulations provides insight into this rapidly developing research field.

News in brief

Agrochemical companies adapt their R&D strategies to developments in the crop protection market and requirements of regulatory bodies. A just published study reviews the consequences for the development of new active ingredients. Adjuvants & Formulations presents the major findings of this study.

More news in this issue:

  • Eco-friendly emulsifiers for O/W emulsions.
  • Simulating spray droplet impaction outcomes: comparison with experimental data.
  • Image analysis of shatter and pinning events on hard-to-wet leaf surfaces by drops containing surfactant. Photograph: Chenopodium album; SURfaPLUS
  • The evaporation of surfactant-laden droplets: contact line models.
  • Engineering nanocellulose superabsorbent structure by controlling the drying rate.
  • Silicon improves plant health.


Apps: Solvent Finder

An adjuvant selector or an application tool – app stores have dozens of useful and interesting applications for mobile devices. Some useful apps are available online as web app. In this issue the web app Solvent Finder.

Patents in brief

Several companies are seeking patent protection for crystal growth inhibitors and other formulation aids to improve the storage-stability of agrochemical formulations. In this issue specific antioxidants that reduce the risk of prothioconazole-desthio formation in prothioconazole-containing formulations, specific surfactants and dispersing agents as crystal growth inhibitors in liquid fungicide formulations, a stabilising system for pyrazosulfuron-ethyl WP formulations and a tripartite stabilising system for concentrated pyroxasulfone SC formulations. A related patent application covers the finding that OH groups determine the storage-stability of liquid halosulfuron-methyl compositions.

Adjuvants & Formulations also reports about activities of other companies as well as universities, such as:

  • Surfactants for crop oil concentrates
  • Acidifier allows tank-mixing of grass herbicides with antagonistic active ingredients
  • Pelargonic acid derivative as adjuvant and herbicide

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