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Adjuvants & Formulations
Bimonthly magazine for agchem specialists (former Adjuvant Newsletter)

January / February 2020

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Adjuvant development for foliar fertilisers requires insight into plant nutrition

Adjuvants can greatly improve the performance of foliar fertilisers. To unlock the potential of adjuvants with foliar fertilisers, it is necessary to combine present adjuvant knowledge with the most recent findings in the field of plant nutrition. Adjuvants & Formulations presents an impetus to the exploration of adjuvants for foliar fertilisers.

Patents in brief

Crystal growth inhibitors and other formulation stabilizing agents are subject of recently filed patent applications. Solvents and solvent systems are also subject of several patent applications. Russian inventors seek patent protection for a surface-active modification of clopyralid to use it as solvent and make clopyralid formulations less frost-sensitive. In this issue also news about glycine betaine amide salt surfactants, the combination of a urease and nitrification inhibitor and the use of nanobubble water as carrier and penetrant.

And further

  • Low-toxic and nonirritant biosurfactant surfactin.
  • Wetting properties of Saponaria officinalis saponins.
  • Insecticidal activity of spray dried microencapsulated essential oils. Picture: Rosemary, Wikipedia.
  • Fungal-based bioherbicides for weed control: a myth or a reality?
  • Biopesticides R&D: challenges and prospects.
  • Gene silencing by RNAi via oral delivery of dsRNA by bacteria in Tuta absoluta.
  • Acifluorfen more effective with built-in light source.
  • Co-crystallisation of essential oils.
  • Seed coating using plasma technology.
  • Alginate-based formulation for reactive oxygen and nitrogen species.
  • Confusion about surfactants in glyphosate-based herbicides documented.
  • Tank-mix adjuvants to reduce the adverse effect of muddy rain on the activity of paraquat.

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