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Adjuvants & Formulations
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November / December 2019

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Organosilicones: from history to present time

Organosilicone surfactants are applied in agriculture since the 1980s. Their chemical structure and a quite low surface tension of the surfactant in water solution result in well wetting of leaves and enable the spray solution to move into the leaf via stomata. The main producers of the organosilicones are constantly innovating their organosilicones portfolio. Adjuvants & Formulations presents an overview of what has been achieved and highlights the recent and ongoing developments.

Patents in brief

American chemists have synthesised ether ketone solvents as alternatives to aromatic hydrocarbons and other solvents with an less favourable (eco)toxicological profile. Solvents, dispersants, drift control agents and penetrants are also subjects of other patent applications. Adjuvants & Formulations also reports about the development of formulations for new and classical active ingredients, including tetramic acid insecticides, pyrapropoyne, glyphosate, auxinic herbicides and a strain of a new biopesticide.

And further

  • Very long-chain aliphatic wax compounds in the plant cuticle limit uptake of active ingredients.
  • Modified cellulose nanofibers as emulsifier for insect repellent microcapsules.
  • Formulation of plant based insecticides.
    Picture: Pongamia pinnata seeds; Rajeev, Wikipedia
  • Combination of a biosurfactant with entomopathogenic fungi enhances efficacy against Bemisia whitefly.
  • Alginate-cellulose biopolymeric beads as efficient vehicles for encapsulation and slow-release of herbicide.
  • In vivo evaluation of zinc foliar uptake and transport in soybean.
  • No effect of wetting agents on golf ball roll distance.
  • Alginate beads investigated as soil conditioner.
  • New age of insecticide discovery and the impact of natural products.
  • Adjuvant and formulation news from the annual meetings of the Ag Aviation Expo - Aerial Application Technology Research Session, the ASA, CSSA & SSSA 2019 Annual Meeting, the 2019 Annual Meeting on The Korean Society of Pesticide Science and Entomology 2019.

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