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Adjuvants & Formulations

Bimonthly magazine for agchem specialists (former Adjuvant Newsletter)


January / February 2019

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New products and formulations at ASTM 2018
The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has held its symposium on Pesticide Formulation and Delivery Systems. Adjuvants & Formulations presents the best bits of the ”Innovative Formulation Application and Adjuvant Technologies for Agriculture” titled meeting.

Editorial: “Renewable” surfactants and conventional surfactants
When looking further than just the use of trendy wording like “green” and “from renewable resources” it seems that alone a holistic approach is useful for the future of surfactants (and solvents). Holistic in the sense that all aspects like the source of materials, energy consumption, carbon dioxide emission (...) and not to forget the product performance have to be weighted. I think that this is possible.

Patents in brief
Monsanto has applied for patent protection of a dicamba salt that counteracts the volatility-enhancing effect of ammonium sulphate and active ingredients such as ammonium- and organic amine-based forms of glyphosate and glufosinate. Adjuvants & Formulations also reports about encapsulated glyphosate, new polyphenolmethyl surfactants that are better biodegradable, surfactants for glufosinate (and glyphosate), new solvents and new polymorphs of mesotrione copper chelate. In this issue also news about a nitrification inhibitor formulation for anhydrous ammonia or UAN, about a stabilizer for seed coating formulations and a titanium-based biostimulant.

And further in this issue
Review of renewable surfactants.
UV-protectants for Beauveria bassiana.
Dye tracers for quantifying and visualising agrichemical spray deposits.
Quantifying herbicide volatility.
Liposome encapsulation and EDTA formulation of dsRNA increases efficacy of RNAi against Euschistus heros.
Amphiphilic random copolymers can encapsulate agrochemicals through self-folding.
Graphene oxide as pesticide carrier.
High-throughput screening of adjuvant effects on cuticle disruption propensity.
Liquid crystal adjuvants outperform surfactants in some respects.
Surfactant counter-ion affects stability of microemulsion.
New adsorbent for plant growth regulators in seed treatment.
Saving irrigation water with nonionic surfactant.
Human urine as fertiliser for snap beans and turnips.
An overview of the recent adjuvant and formulation literature, including hyperlinks to original sources.
Adjuvant and formulation news from the Soil Science Society of America 2018-2019 International Soils Meeting.

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