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Adjuvants & Formulations

Bimonthly magazine for agchem specialists (former Adjuvant Newsletter)


November / December 2018

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Natural resources for green adjuvants
Molecularly dissolved cellulose can act as an emulsifier for oil-in-water emulsions. Sunflower and soybean oil can also be used as resources for new emulsifiers. These and other examples of natural resources for green adjuvants are highlighted in the just published November/December issue of Adjuvants & Formulations.

Patents in brief
A Russian chemist has patented a range of agrochemical microcapsule and nanocapsule formulations. Adjuvants & Formulations furthermore contains information on micronutrient, biostimulant and insecticidal seed treatment formulations. This issue also informs you about new solvents and other patent pending adjuvants and formulations.

Editorial: At the end of the year ...
In 2017 and 2018 we experienced a persistent growth of the number of subscribers. In 2019 we will continue with another series of innovation items and in-depth articles about the dynamic world of adjuvants and formulations.

And further in this issue
Diffusing wave spectroscopy for characterizing cellulose-based oil-in-water emulsions.
Picture: Diffusing wave spectroscopy setup; University of Algarve
Multifunctional nanoparticle formulation of avermectin.
Nanoparticle formulation improves performance spirotetramat.
Emulsifying properties and biological activities of lactose monoesters.
Delivery by self-assembling conjugates as alternative to surfactant-based formulations.
Microorganisms can counteract coffee ring effect.
A decision tree approach for anticipating dissolution issues of sugar-based surfactants.
An overview of the recent adjuvant and formulation literature, including hyperlinks to original sources.
Adjuvant and formulation news from Entomology 2018, the ASA & CSSA 2018 Annual Meeting and the Ag Aviation Expo - Aerial Application Technology Research Session.

Book reviews and announcements
In this issue an overview of (hand)books about agrochemical active ingredients and surfactant science and other recently published works that can serve as eye-opener or that can broaden and deepen one's know-how.

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