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Adjuvants & Formulations

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May / June 2018

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Many new glyphosate mixtures in the pipeline
The number of glyphosate-resistant weeds increases steadily. Formulators prepare mixtures of glyphosate with other herbicides to help solve this ever-increasing problem. A five years spanning patent scan by Adjuvants & Formulations yields various interesting and also curious solutions. Picture by Bob Hartzler, Iowa State University.

Patents in brief
Indian formulators seek patent protection for compositions containing the water-soluble active ingredient glufosinate-ammonium and a water-insoluble organosilicon surfactant. Adjuvants & Formulations also reports about new formulations for dinotefuran and bentazone and a mixture of glyphosate and diquat dibromide. In this issue also news about oil-rich thidiazuron formulations, zinc foliar fertilisers that are compatible with glyphosate, about a new spreader-sticker and about the partly replacement of a high-performing nonionic surfactant by an alkyl polyglucoside adjuvant.

Apps: TOP Unkraut app 2018
An adjuvant selector or an application tool – app stores have dozens of useful and interesting applications for mobile devices. In this issue the TOP Unkraut app 2018, an application tailored to German farmers to advise the herbicide(s) of choice, based on weeds entered in this app.

And further in this issue
Bio-ionic liquids improve sulfonylurea herbicide performance. Picture: Wikipedia.
RNA interference technology in crop protection.
Cyclodextrin metal-organic frameworks for encapsulation of hydrophobic molecules.
Octenylsuccinated sweet potato starch granules as pickering emulsion stabilizers.
Invert emulsion can enhance efficacy of biopesticides.
Epoxy value controls release from epoxy phenolic novolac resin microcapules.
Update on application technology.
Effect of soluble surfactant on regime transitions at drop formation
An overview of the recent adjuvant and formulation literature, including hyperlinks to original sources.
Adjuvant and formulation news from the annual meeting of the 18th European Weed Research Society Symposium.
A selection of agrochemistry related news in other media.

Book reviews and announcements
In this issue an overview of (hand)books about suspension concentrates and formulation science and technology and other recent published works that can serve as eye-opener or that can broaden and deepen one's know-how.

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