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Adjuvants & Formulations

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March / April 2017

Pesticide formulations according to the ionic liquid approach
Ionic liquids attract increasing attention. These liquid salts are used as replacements of volatile organic solvents and as tunable materials. The ionic liquid approach is also used to improve the performance of active ingredients. Even more recent is the use of mixtures of ionic liquids as so-called designer solvents. Adjuvants & Formulations explored the state-of-the-art of ionic liquids as ‘green solvents’ in agrochemical formulations and as agrochemical active ingredients.

Patents in brief
Inventors at a specialty chemical company present a water conditioner that - although not mentioned - may act as penetration enhancer. Adjuvants & Formulations also reports about compositions that are suitable for formulating water-sensitive active ingredients, novel solid glyphosate and glufosinate formulations that are not hygroscopic, a rice-safe oxadiazon formulation, a photolysis-stable sulfentrazone formulation and an approach to transform water-insoluble actives into water-soluble compounds.

And further in this issue
Direct delivery of RNAi as crop treatment.
Wetting of hydrophobic substrates by pure surfactants at continuously increasing humidity.
Effects of carrier water quality continues to attract attention.
Effect of hard water cations on the efficacy of 2,4-D choline and premixed 2,4-D choline plus glyphosate.
Effective liquid bait formulation of insecticides.
Insoluble copper formulations are more effective than soluble copper formulations for citrus canker control.
Neonicotinoids in sugar beet cultivation in Central and Northern Europe: Efficacy and environmental impact of neonicotinoid seed treatments and alternative measures.
Adjuvant and formulation news from the Weed Science Society of America Annual Meeting and the ACS Spring National Meeting & Exhibition.

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