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Adjuvants & Formulations

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September / October 2016

Attract and kill with CO2 and pesticides
Respiring plant roots release carbon dioxide. In this way they attract soil dwelling pests like wireworms and western corn rootworm larvae. Researchers use this knowledge to develop attract and kill formulations that slowly release carbon dioxide to lure these larvae to an insecticide. Adjuvants & Formulations reports about the progress of the research into these compositions.
Photograph: Scott Baur, USDA-ARS

Patents in brief
Formulators regularly come up with adjuvants that make cation-sensitive pesticides suitable for spraying with hard water. Adjuvants & Formulations reports the newest patent pending findings. Adjuvant specialists and formulators seek also patent protection for a new application of high fructose corn syrup as adjuvant, a polymer dispersion plus plasticizer, a safener to increases herbicide stability, new drift control agents and dust-off reduction for seed treatments.

Apps: Spray Quality Finder
An adjuvant selector or an application tool – app stores have dozens of useful and interesting applications for mobile devices. In this issue the Spray Quality Finder app, a tool to select the right nozzle to optimize spray quality.

And further in this issue
Reducing runoff by making spray droplets less bouncy.
Penetration and translocation of nanocarriers.
Solubilization of active ingredients of different polarity in micellar solutions.
Wrinkled microcapsules for enhancement of release rate.
New biosurfactant.
Porous microspheres for peptide drug loading; a new strategy.
Cellulose membrane with UV-protectant properties.
Biopesticide from a mesh bag.
Low-dose application of surfactant film coating enhances turfgrass seed germination and growth.
Tuning of cloud point by the nature of surfactant headgroup: influence of counterion and additives.
An overview of the recent adjuvant and formulation literature, including hyperlinks to original sources.
Adjuvant and formulation news from the German Plant Protection Conference.
A selection of agrochemistry related news in other media.

Book reviews and announcements
In this issue news about a handbook on bioformulations and other recent published works that can serve as eye-opener or that can broaden and deepen one's know-how.

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