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July / August 2015

Wrap and plant
An innovative nematicide delivery project has won a $1 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenges Explorations initiative. The grant will allow the inventors to further study and develop a simple technique they call “wrap and plant”. Adjuvants & Formulations reports about this innovative delivery system.

Patents in brief
A team of Chinese inventors has composed adjuvant compositions to improve the stability of suspension concentrate formulations that are stored for a long period above room temperature. Using two different polymeric dispersing agents, these inventors also manage to improve the storage stability of pymetrozine suspension concentrate formulations. In this issue also news about two different teams of inventors that both have applied for a patent protecting ethoxylated phospholipid-enriched soybean oil as adjuvant in pesticide formulations. Adjuvants & Formulations further reports about solvents from vegetable origin, about new solvents for nitrification and/or urease inhibitors and about a new glufosinate formulation.

Symposium: The Future of Adjuvants
The Future of Adjuvants, that is the inspiring theme for the one-day symposium on adjuvant innovations in agrochemistry, organised by SURfaPLUS. This symposium will be held in conference centre De Balie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands on November 20, 2015.

And further in this issue
Crop oil improves performance of saflufenacil against horseweed.
Polymer micelles are promising delivery systems.
Application of biosurfactants in drug delivery.
Measuring the polarity of plant cuticles.
Semi-high throughput screening for biopesticide amendments and stabilizers.
Mass spectrometry imaging analysis of location of procymidone in cucumber samples.
Adjuvants can improve the urea-driven decomposition of apple leaf litter.

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