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Adjuvants & Formulations

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September / October 2014

Eye-opening presentations at ASTM symposium
Seed oils as snail attractants, novel OD formulations and adjuvant-enhanced spider mite control – that are the eye-catching topics at the ASTM Symposium on Pesticide Formulation and Delivery Systems in New Orleans. As usual, adjuvants, formulations and pesticide application are the main topics of this annual special interest symposium. Adjuvants & Formulations was on spot.

Formulation aid with resistance eliciting effects
Chitosan is a well-known formulation inert. This natural pesticide carrier and formulation aid can also induce defense against has all kinds of plant diseases. This eliciting effect requires only a very low dose of chitosan. Adjuvants & Formulations presents an insight into this fascinating side-effect of this formulation aid.

Patents in brief
Urea enhances foliar-applied zinc transport in plants, but not in all cases. A Canadian fertiliser specialist has developed a zinc sulphate foliar fertiliser wit appropriate additives that improve the performance of urea as zinc transport enhancer. In this issue of Adjuvants & Formulations also patent pending clomazone microcapsule formulations, auxin formulations with enhanced residual effect, a seed coating with controlled-release fertiliser, seed coatings with reduced risk to pollinators and a liquid fertiliser compatible bifenthrin formulation.

Apps: Weedviewer
An adjuvant selector or an application tool – app stores have dozens of useful and interesting applications for mobile devices. In this issue the Weedviewer app, an application that helps inspectors to assess the weed management on pavements.

And further in this issue
CPDA workshop in January 2015.
Protective effect of water soluble fullerene nanoparticles.
Nano-structures in mosquito repellent formulations.
Amino acid-based glycerol ether surfactants in emulsions.
Weed control with paint ball gun.
Adjuvant and formulation news from the annual meetings of the Western Society of Weed Science and the Southern Weed Science Society, the joint meeting of the American and Canadian phytopathological societies and the European Geosciences Union General Assembly.
An overview of the recent adjuvant and formulation literature, including hyperlinks to original sources.
A selection of agrochemistry related news in other media.

Book reviews and announcements
In this issue focus on a new handbook about the science and technology behind the formulation of disperse systems, an introduction to the field of alkyl polyglucoside emulsifiers, a handbook on the production and application of biosurfactants, a handbook on the surface chemistry of surfactants and polymers and databooks and handbooks on solvents.

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